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Do you have to merge your PDF files? Try Combine PDF Free. Often we need to combine PDF files for personal or professional use. But if there are no right tools it can be very hard. A tool such as Combine PDF Free can be a very handy solution whenever you need to merge your PDF files. This app is not only easy to use, but is also very fast. It can help you merge as many PDF files as you wish within no time. Due to its high speed and flawless performance it allows you to combine your PDF files instantly. So try this tool available at PDF Golds and enjoy seamless management of your files now!

Combine PDF Free

Combine PDF Free is a light weight tool

Many tools that allow you to merge your PDF files but they are quite heavy. That means you need a fairly large space for them. Also, larger files take more time for downloading and installation. Combine PDF Free, on the other hand, is a small software. it is light weight and you can download and install it on your computer within seconds.

Combine PDF Free is safe

Another notable feature of Combine PDF Free is that it is a safe program. The tool is free of all kinds of harmful viruses and malware that can prove to be harmful for your file or system. That is why you can use this tool without thinking twice.

How to use?

Combine PDF Free is a very simple tool. Once you install the program, all you need to merge your PDF files is to select the files from the target folder. Thanks to drag and drop feature that helps you combine your files without any hassle. You can select as many files as you need to convert using the drag and drop option. Once done you can simply choose the output folder and hit the ‘Combine to PDF’ button. Your files will be combined within seconds and will be ready to use.

Easy navigation

Combine PDF Free is also very easy to navigate. You can add bookmarks, remove files from the list, add new ones and do it all with a few clicks. You can also see the details of the files such as size, name, number of pages etc. on the interface. There is a preview window as well that helps you check the quality of your files. You can also zoom in and out and explore options such as fitting your pages on screen and more.

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